The beaches of Genovesato and Tigullio

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The Baia del Silenzio opens to the east of the isthmus that joins Sestri Levante to what was once a single island along the coast. The sandy beach is surrounded by elegant, Ligurian-style houses; the pool of water is sheltered from the winds and is almost always calm. It is a landing for small sea craft that are usually anchored in the centre of the bay, leaving ample space for bathers who happily remain until sunset, the time when the bay comes into its own as a peaceful oasis. On summer evenings and nights the many bars just steps away from the beach are favourite spots for young people, creating a pleasant atmosphere of festivity under the light of the moon reflecting in the waters of the bay.

The beach of Cavi di Lavagna is one of the longest and most popular in the area of Tigullio. Located near the Lavagna motorway exit, it is conveniently reached for those coming from Sestri or Chiavari, and runs parallel to the railway and the Aurelia roadway. The beach is almost entirely made up of pebbles of varying size. While it is not the widest beach in the area, it does stretch without interruption along the entire coast, from the tunnels of Sant’Anna (which separate the towns of Sestri and Cavi) to the centre of Lavagna. There are excellent services available to bathers, with both bathing resorts and public beaches equipped with facilities. Many of the resorts also feature restaurants and dance clubs. hotel 468x60 
The beach of Paraggi is situated along a bay between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. It is also considered the beach of Portofino and possesses the same air of exclusivity for which the town is best known: surrounded by umbrella pines, houses and a small 16th century castle, the water has the same green shimmer that has made Portofino famous around the world. The beach is made up of sand and tiny pebbles and features two bathing resorts, one with a restaurant and dance club.
The shipwreck of a merchant ship sunken in 1917 can be found submerged just a short distance from the coast. Scuba divers can also admire the rare red coral found here.

The Beach of Pozzetto is situated near Zoagli, about three kilometres from Rapallo. It is a mixed beach with sand and pebbles, with both bathing resorts and public areas. It can be reached by taking Aurelia road in the direction of Zoagli. ( Fonte:


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